Whole Life Insurance

Is whole life insurance as bad an investment as many financial experts would have you believe? Here is the other side of the story about whole life that most experts are not telling you

What if everything you heard about whole life insurance was wrong?

The Truth about Whole Life Insurance

Is whole life an obsolete product or an Ultimate Wealth Building Strategy?

If you listen to the financial celebrities, most will tell you that whole life insurance is a terrible investment. Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman (just to name a few) have made a career out of telling people to never buy whole life insurance.

Their advice continues to be; Buy term and invest the difference in the stock market to save for your retirement.

All that so-called good advice is in spite the fact that if you invested in the S&P 500 for the last 30 years, your money would  have hardly grown at all. And if you factor in inflation over that period of time, your nest egg would be worth much, much less.

Wall Street’s Dirty Little Secret

For years, financial celebrities and Wall Street have been telling Americans that the road to prosperity and a secure retirement is paved through investing in the stock market. But their objective has never been to make your retirement secure. Their goal is to sell advertising and airtime for Wall Street Firms.

You Can’t Deny the Facts About Whole Life:

Fact: Wall Street lost more than 45% of the typical investor’s money – Twice – over the last 20 years

Fact: The typical mutual fund investor has only earned a measly 3.66% annual return for the past 30 years, outpacing inflation by a mere 1% per year according to DALBAR¹

Fact: For the many who are risk adverse and invested their money in fixed income funds, the news is worse. You only managed to eke out a mere .59% (less than 1%) over the last 30 years.

Fact: Asset Allocation Funds which are used by many 401K investors to put their retirement investing on auto-pilot earned only 1.65% over the last 30 years. Not even coming close to beating inflation which averaged 2.6% per year.

Is There is a Better Way?

Some folks think so.

Whole life insurance is one of the oldest forms of life insurance and it is often misunderstood. It is not an obsolete, old-fashioned product as some believe. It is certainly not a “rip-off” as many financial celebrities will have you believe. Over time, whole life has been proven to be a secure investment.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world have used whole life to create create an empire. Here is a story about Walt Disney that I am sure no one has told you about.

Owning whole life allows you to:

  • Never lose a dollar while growing your retirement fund
  • Say good-bye to the banks and become your own source of financing by borrowing tax free from your policy
  • Have financial security to see you through challenging financial times
  • Create an emergency cash reserve
  • Grow your money tax-deferred and keep it out of the hands of the IRS
  • Reduce or eliminate debt and increase your savings
  • Leave a legacy for your loved ones
  • And much, much more

True financial security comes from knowing you have a solid foundation and that you a savings plan that only goes  – UP! – never down.

If you’re ready to get started and you would like more information about the best kept secret on Wall Street, call 914-633-1717 or fill out the free consultation form.

¹ DALBAR’s 2018 Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior


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