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Looking for group health insurance for your small business near White Plains, NY? HealthPlansny specializes in group health plans for small business owners in Brewster and the surrounding towns including Yonkers, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, Scarsdale and even New York City. We provide instant health quotes so you can compare plans and save money.

Our friendly and helpful staff will help you review your company’s current health insurance plan and provide alternative plans that could help your company save money or improve your plan.

We service what we sell so you will have access to insurance experts to help you navigate through the confusing world of health insurance.

Affordable Group Health Insurance Plans for White Plains, NY

If you employ 2 to 50 employees, you qualify for health insurance as a small group. Plans for group health insurance in New York are known as “community rated” which means, every employee pays the same rate regardless of their age or gender. We represent all insurance carriers in New York, including, Aetna, Oxford, Health Republic, CDPHP and Emblem.

HealthPlansNY is a top rated local insurance agency. Call to speak with our insurance consultants so we can help your small business find the right group health plan that fits your business.

Expert Insurance Consultants for White Plains, NY:

In addition to group health insurance, we can help you with all your group benefit needs.

Group Life Insurance: Life insurance can be offered by the employer to help employees get the coverage they need. Group life insurance does not require extensive medical information so an employee with an existing health condition can qualify. Group life insurance is affordable and an essential benefit that many employees want. It can be paid for by the employer or offered as a voluntary benefit.

Group Dental Insurance: A very important benefit for your employees and is the 3rd most requested benefit after group health insurance and a company retirement plan. Group benefits help attract and retain quality employees and will help your small business prosper.

Group Disability Insurance: Many employees live paycheck to paycheck and should they suffer a partial or permanent disability, it could financially bankrupt them. Group disability is affordable for most people and costs on a few dollars a month. It can be offered fully paid by the employer or voluntary to be paid by the employee.

White Plains, New York: History and Fun Facts:

White Plains was settled in 1683 by Connecticut Puritans who bought 4,400 acres of land from the Weckquaeskeck Indian tribe, which were members of The Mohican Nation. However, the purchase was challenged by John Richbell of Mamaroneck, NY who claimed he owned the land which he purchased from another Indian Tribe and the Puritans had no rights to White Plains.

In 1772, the dispute was settled when King George II issued a “Royal Patent” declaring the land belonged to the Puritans.

“The White Plains” got its name from early morning mist that covered the land from the nearby swampland of the Bronx River.

In 1758, White Plains became the center of Westchester County but still continued to be part of Rye Township until 1778 when White Plains was officially incorporated into its own Town and territory.

White Plains is famous for the “Battle of White Plains” where part of a very strategic battle was fought during the revolutionary War.

In October of 1776, General George Washington steered troops into White Plains where the Battle of the Hill took place between Continental and British soldiers. The battle was bloody.

The British out-numbered the Freedom Fighters and sent 4,000 – 6,000 soldiers against Washington’s mere army of 1,600 Continental fighters. General Washington withdrew his troops after 3 days of intense fighting and several hundred casualties.

Even though the British troops had the upper hand, Washington’s fighters fared well in a battle they were sorely out-numbered in. The British sustained immense casualties and after a week, they finally vacated the land leaving it to the Continentals.

In the 1950s, many major corporations that were based in New York City relocated operations to White Plains and other nearby locations of Westchester County. Some of these company names are well-known such as General Foods, PepsiCo, Hitachi USA, IBM, Nestlé, Snapple and Heineken USA. By the late1980s, at least 50 Fortune 500 corporations had relocated to White Plains and the surrounding towns and called Westchester County their home.

Famous White Plains People and Fun Facts:

In 2013, White Plains had a population of over 26,000 residents in a land area of almost 10 miles. Some notable past and present residents of White Plains include: Art Monk, Washington Redskins wide receiver who attended White Plains High School. Ralph Waite, who played John Walton in the TV show The Waltons and Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook.


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