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Obamacare Self-Defense Strategies For Small Businesses

Obamacare Self Defense Strategies For Small Businesses Obamacare has made providing health insurance confusing for many small businesses. Small business owners are struggling with rising health premiums and wondering if it might be smarter to just cancel their group health plan and send their employees to the exchanges to purchase health insurance. But before you […]

Survey Reveals The Perks Your Employees Want

Careerbuilder releases surprising survey of the perks employees really want Most employers want to keep their employees happy. Employers know that if an employee is satisfied with his or her job, they will be more productive. But what makes an employee happy? And how do you keep an employee from “jumping ship” thinking that the […]

What Does Obamacare Mean to Your Business? – Updated

Well, it’s no secret… in fact, you can’t turn on a TV or listen to a radio program lately without hearing how Obamacare is off to a really, really bad start. Websites crashing, confusing insurance language, long applications  and just about everything you can think of  has gone wrong and has put the Health Care […]