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self employed business ownerSole proprietor plans are dead thanks to The Affordable Care Act (ACA). But, we do have some creative health plan options.

Finding self-employed health insurance nowadays is not an easy task. Not too long ago, if you were self employed or a sole proprietor, you could qualify for a very robust sole proprietor plan from any major insurance company.

But those days are long gone. However, if you are looking for a sole proprietor health plan,there are still a few options that are available.

New York Self Employed Health Insurance Options

Click the links below to view the plans we offer self employed people or small businesses that no longer qualify for small business group plans:

Option # 1: Employers Network Association


These health plans are designed specifically for sole proprietors, self employed individuals, freelancers and 1099 employees.

6 plans to choose from which utilize the Magnacare and Cigna Network in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. FirstHealth Network for all other states.

  1. MagnaCare EPO -In Network only
  2. MagnaCare 350 -In and Out of Network
  3. MagnaCare 500 PPO – In and Out of Network
  4. Cigna 1000 PPO – In and Out of Network
  5. Cigna 3000 PPO – In and Out of Network
  6. Cigna 5000 PPO – In and Out of Network

Call 914-633-1717 for your free enrollment kit.

Option #2: Qualify for Small Group Health Insurance – Hire a Friend or Family Member – But not your wife!

You can hire a family member (son, daughter, nephew or etc.) or a friend and pay them part-time minimum wage (must be 20 hours) to help you qualify for group health insurance plans.

*  You will have several choices of health insurance coverage
* You can easily add new employees to your group plan as your company grows

* You will have more paperwork
* You will have to file payroll tax and and quarterly wage reports

Option # 4: Buy an Individual Insurance Policy

You can purchase a Individual Health Plan for yourself and or your family. We represent private insurance plans from the top insurance carriers:  CareConnect, MVP and Oscar.

These private insurance plans and are not Obamacare plans which many of the doctors and specialists are not accepting in the tri-state area.

For more information about any of these options or if you have any questions, feel free to contact our friendly staff at: 800-514-3513


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