What Your Health Broker Doesn’t Want You To Know About Saving Money

Shhh, it’s a secret.

Health Broker SecretsIs your health broker keeping secrets? I’ll bet he or she is. There are ways you can save money on health insurance but your broker is probably not telling you about them.

Here’s why: when you save money or reduce your health care costs, it directly impacts the money going into your broker’s pocket. In other words, more savings for you means less commissions for them.

Let’s examine the sad facts about our health care system

Fact: Health insurance rates have increased more than 130% over the last 20 years

Fact: Less than 50% of small business owners now offer a company health plan because of the cost

Fact: Insurance companies have a stranglehold on many small business owners and continue to raise prices year after year, regardless of how bad the economy is

Fact: The Affordable Care Act, Health Care Reform or ObamaCare – what ever you want to call it – is confusing to most business owners.

Fact: No matter what our politicians say, the cost of health care will probably never come down

My friend, what further proof do you need that the health care system is broken?

I challenge you to give me one shred of evidence that the health care system can be fixed.

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