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Learn How Insperity Can Help Your Business Grow and Save Money

Voluntary Benefits

A PEO Provides Your Company With Access To These Key Features:

  1. Better Benefits For Employees
  2. Workers Compensation and Claim Assistance
  3. Professionals Well Versed in Recruitment, Retention and Management
  4. Precise, Timely Payroll and Tax Reporting
  5. Comprehensive Employer Liability Management
  6. State and Federal Compliance
  7. Relief From Administration That Drain Your Time and Resources
  8. And Much, Much More!

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Insperity PEO Consultation

A PEO Provides Your Company With Access To These Key Features:

Since 1986, Insperity has grown to one of the largest PEOs in the industry. Insperity has more than 60 offices across the United States and more than 2700 employees.

Insperity serves more than 100,000 businesses with more than 2 million employees. The company is publicly traded on the New York stock exchange under the symbol NSP and produced earnings of almost 3 billion dollars in 2017.

Unlike many of their largest competitors such as ADP and Paychex, Insperity does not charge any hidden fees. You get the best PEO in the business for just one monthly fee per employee. Compare plan options today!