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Individual health insuranceIf you’re looking for an Individual Health Insurance NY plan for you and your family, we offer private health plans from Anthem Blue Cross, Cigna, Emblem Health, Empire, MVP and Northwell Health.

These health plans are perfect for individuals, families, sole proprietors, small business owners, and 1099 contractors who do not want Obama Care.

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Private Health Plans – Not Obamacare

Our individual health insurance plans are NOT ObamaCare or part of the public exchanges. These health plans are private insurance plans and do not qualify for a Government subsidy.

You can purchase these plans through us as independent brokers. There are no fees for our service and you will have a real person to talk to if you need some help.

Association Health Plans

These are private health insurance plans offered through 2 employer associations that allow members to use their large networks of health providers.

These plans are available to Sole Proprietors, LLC, S-Corps or 1099 workers and employees that are gainfully employed (work a minimum of 20 hours and earn $300 per week).

Once you join the association – usually by paying an annual fee – you become a member and have access to networks such as:

  • Anthem Blue Cross – National Blue Card
  • Cigna – National PPO
  • Emblem – Prime PPO
  • Northwell Health

In-network and out-of-network coverage is available. A total of 16 PPO, EPO and HMO health plans are available through 2 employer associations that we are affiliated with.

Also available now in 2024 is Dental and Vision coverage through MetLife, Delta Dental and Solstice.

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Individual Non-Association Health Plans:

(You must be employed and work at least 20 hours per week)

HIP/Emblem HMO and Point of Service Plans (6 plans): Uses the popular HIP/Prime network which is accepted from many of the region’s leading doctors, clinicians and facilities, including hospitals and urgent care centers.

Empire Blue Cross Gold, Silver and PPO plans ( 3)The EPO/PPO Network. One of the largest networks in the New York City area with over 57,000 medical providers and hospitals.

MVP (Mohawk Valley Physicians)Off Exchange Health Plans

MVP was founded by a group of doctors in upstate New York. The company provides health care coverage for more than 700,000 members across New York State and Vermont.

If you live in Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, and Dutchess County or in upper New York State, you will find MVP individual health plans to have a very strong network of doctors and hospitals.

However if you live in New York City and the boroughs, MVP is NOT for you!  MVP does not offer a network agreement with NYC based doctors and hospitals.

MVP offers HMO network plans on all Affordable Care Act (ACA) Metal levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

2024 Individual Rates Are Out! Click the links below to download the 2021 rates and plans:

MVP Find a Doctor

Frequently Asked Individual Health Insurance Questions

What does health insurance do?

To some, this may seem obvious but health insurance helps you pay for medical expenses if you become sick or injured. Everything is covered from annual physicals, injury, sickness, emergency room visits and prescriptions too.

Why do I want health insurance?

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, more than a 25% of U.S. adults can’t pay their medical bills. In fact, the number 1 reason people file for bankruptcy, is not being able to pay their medical bills.

Of course, there are other good reasons to get health insurance such as keeping you and your family healthy and covering health care expenses if you get sick.

Can I buy health insurance whenever I want?

Sorry but no. Individual health insurance can only be bought during open enrollment. For 2024. November 1st – January 15.

If you missed open enrollment and do not have a qualifying life event (see below) you should look into our Association Plans above.

Special Enrollment Period – If you qualify

The special enrollment period allows you to qualify for health insurance even if you missed open enrollment. These life events are:

  1. Getting married
  2. Having a baby
  3. Adopting a baby
  4. Losing employer coverage
  5. Moving to another state

How much does individual health insurance cost?

According to a 2023 survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, average premiums for individual coverage cost about $702.91 a month and family coverage is about $1,997.00 per month.

What about subsidies?

Our private health plans do not qualify for subsidies. If you buy your health plan on the state or Government exchanges and make less than $40,000, you might qualify for a subsidy.

You can use this subsidy estimation tool or to see if you qualify for a subsidy.

Is Individual Health Insurance Right For You?

A New York private individual health insurance plan may be right for you if:

  • You Don’t Want Obamacare
  • You Don’t Qualify For a Subsidy
  • You Are Self Employed
  • You Lost Your Sole Proprietor Plan
  • You Are Employed But Your Employer Does Not Offer a Group Health Plan
  • You Are Enrolled in a Group Health Plan But Your Employer Does Not Cover Your Spouse or Dependents
  • Your Employer Sponsored Group Health Plan is Too Expensive
  • Your Employer Group Health Plan Does Not Meet Your Benefit Needs

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