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New York Group Health Insurance Quotes

Searching for group health insurance quotes for your small business? We have them! Get instant health quotes from every top health insurance company in NY.

Small business owners have seen dramatic increases in the cost of providing group health insurance benefits to their employees. Over the past 20 years, the rates for group health insurance in New York rates have increased more than 130%. Group health insurance has become the second largest expense for the small business owner after their payroll.

Group health quotes in less than one minuteBecause premiums for group health insurance in NY and across the United States continue to go up, many small business owners have been forced to reduce the benefits offered to employees under their group health plans.

Many companies are even requiring their employees to pay a higher share of the monthly premium or requiring them to pay 100% of their dependent premiums. The number of small business owners that offer health insurance to their employees has drastically decreased over the last 10 years as reported by Benefits Selling Magazine.

Does My Company Qualify for Group Health Insurance?

Small Group Employer

In New York, if you employ 2 to 100 employees, you are considered a small group employer. If you have less than 30 full time employees, The Affordable Care Act (ACA), does not require you to offer health insurance – but you might want to anyway because a company health plan attracts and retains quality employees.

If you have more than 50 full time employees, you are required by ACA to provide health insurance. There are steep penalties for not doing so. For more info regarding this, check out our free resource, the ACA Compliance Center.

Health plans in New York are known as “community rated” which means, every employee pays the same rate regardless of their age or gender.

This makes New York a unique state for group health insurance because in most other states, health rates are based on the age and gender of your employees  (if you have older workers, this could skew rates higher).

Large Group Employer

Also referred to as the “large group market” (100+ employees) large and mid-size companies, can offer more plan choices than those offered to small groups.

Each health insurance company may have their own terms and requirements for the number of employees required to fall into large size group health insurance, but large sized classification is usually offered to companies with more than 100 employees.

A larger selection of health plans are also available and based on claim history or experience in your industry. This often results in better plan designs and lower rates for large groups.

How Much Does Group Health Insurance Cost?

Well that depends if you are small company employer or a large company employer.

Small Employer: according to The Kaiser Family Foundation, the cost of group health insurance for a single person is, $6900 per year. For a family the cost is $19,616 per year.

Large Employer: Health insurance costs will vary. Premiums are based on the location of your company, industry, number of employees, gender and residential zip codes.

Underwriting factors could impact the cost as well. For instance; if your employees have high medical claims, your cost per employee could be higher. However, in many cases, large employer rates are lower than small employer rates.

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