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If you are looking for a group life insurance quote for your small business, you have come to the right place.  Group life insurance is one of those essential benefits that employees want and need.

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Many employees, do not own life insurance. As a matter of fact, LIMRA – a life insurance study group – reports that almost 30% of Americans do not have life insurance but feel they should buy it.

For whatever reasons; poor health, bad habits or just laziness, many employees never get around to purchasing a personal life insurance plan. Most people depend on their employers to provide life insurance for them.

As an employer, life insurance can be offered to help your employees get this essential coverage that they need. Group life insurance does not require extensive medical background information so an employee with an existing health condition can qualify.

Why Group Life Insurance?

Group life insurance is one of the most affordable benefits for employers because the insurance company looks at your company and industry as a group to keep rates reasonable.

Typically, an employer that offers $50,000 of coverage at no charge to the employee can expect to pay a life rate per $1000 of .026 to .055 per month per employee.

Premium costs also depend on the industry you are in, the number of employees, their ages and their genders.

Unfortunately, if you are in a dangerous industry such as construction or mining, the rates will not be affordable. But for most industries group life insurance is easily obtainable.

Group Life Insurance Quotes For Your Business

We work with every major insurance company to get you the most competitive group life insurance rates. Just enter your contact info in the form is all you need to do.

We will do the life insurance shopping for you. Generally, you will receive no less than 5 bids from companies, such as Metlife, Hartford, Prudential, Cigna and more.

You can learn more about just a few of the companies we work with here: Best Group Term Life Insurance Companies

If your company currently offers a group life insurance plan, why not shop it around to make sure you are getting competitive rates? In this day and age, it’s important to know you have the best coverage at the best price.

It’s easy to get a group life insurance quote from us. Just complete the form and we will get to work.


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