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Group Health Insurance Somers NY

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Looking for group health insurance for your small business near Somers NY? HealthPlansny specializes in group health plans for small business owners in Somers and the surrounding towns including White Plains, New Rochelle, Scarsdale and even New York City. We provide instant online health quotes so you can compare plans and save money.

Our friendly and helpful staff will help you review your company’s current health insurance plan and provide alternative plans that could help your small business save money or improve your plan. We service what we sell so you will have access to insurance experts to help you and your employees navigate through the confusing world of health insurance.

Affordable Group Health Insurance Plans for Somers, NY

If you employ 2 to 99 employees, you qualify for health insurance as a small group. Plans for group health insurance in New York are known as “community rated” which means, every employee pays the same rate regardless of their age or gender. We represent all insurance carriers in New York, including, Aetna, BlueCross, CareConnect, CDPHP, Emblem, MVP and Oxford.

HealthPlansNY is a top rated insurance agency. Call 914-633-1717 to speak with our insurance consultants so we can help your small business find the right group health plan that fits your business.

Group Insurance Brokers in Somers, NY:

In addition to group health insurance, we can help you with all your group benefit needs.

Life insurance can be offered by the employer to help employees get the coverage they need. Group life insurance does not require extensive medical information so an employee with an existing health condition can qualify. Group life insurance is affordable and an essential benefit that many employees want. It can be paid for by the employer or offered as a voluntary benefit.

A very important benefit for your employees and is the 3rd most requested benefit after group health insurance and a company retirement plan. Group benefits help attract and retain quality employees and will help your small business prosper.

Many employees live paycheck to paycheck and should they suffer a partial or permanent disability, it could financially bankrupt them. Group disability is affordable for most people and costs on a few dollars a month. It can be offered fully paid by the employer or voluntary to be paid by the employee.

Somers, New York: History and Fun Facts:

As with many towns in Westchester county, Somers was originally inhabited by native New York Indians. The Kitchawanks, who were part of the Wappinger Tribe, originally named Somers, the land Amapaugh, meaning “fresh water fish.” Fishing was a major part of life for the Indians to provide food for their Tribe and families. The surrounding streams and rivers were rich with Striped Bass and Catfish.

European settlement of the Amapaugh land began in the early 1700’s. Early Settlers included the Dutch, the French Huguenots and Quakers. Eventually, the Indians were killed or driven north by the early Settlers and the town was fully controlled by the “White Man.”

The town was renamed Stephentown in 1788 but the town settlers soon realized there was another town named Stephentown nearby Albany. So in order to alleviate the confusion, the town was renamed Somers in 1808 in honor of local resident Richard Somers, an officer of the U.S. Navy who was killed in the war of Tripoli. A memorial in West Somers Park was erected in his honor at Memorial Day ceremonies in 1958.

In the early 19th Century, Somers began to flourish. The town industries included hat factories, carriage factories, three hotels, two general stores, an iron mine, a milk factory, and a sanctuary for boys operated by the Christian Brothers (now known as Lincoln Hall).

Between 1890 and 1910 the Croton and Muscoot rivers were flooded to create the New York reservoir system. This flooding would change the landscape of Somers forever. In the 1920s small lake communities began to spring up as vacation spots for summer visitors and farmers’ guests. Eventually, these lake communities became larger and well established and evolved from seasonal to year-round neighborhoods now known as Lake Lincolndale, Lake Purdys and Lake Shenorock.

Famous Somers NY People and Fun Facts:

As of the 2010 census, the town had a population of 20,434

Somers is known for being the “cradle of the American circus.” It gained this notoriety after Hachaliah Bailey bought an African elephant, which he named “Old Bet”. Bailey intended to use the elephant for farm work, but the number of people it attracted caused Bailey to take her throughout the Northeast. Bailey’s success caused numerous others to tour with exotic animals, and during the 1830s the old-style circus and Bailey’s attractions merged to form the modern circus – Barnum and Bailey.

Hachaliah Bailey, pioneer of the American circus, The Elephant Hotel named after Bailey’s Elephant, “Old Bet.” Graham Clarke musician, songwriter, entertainer, Billy Collins, former United States Poet Laureate and Brian Span, professional soccer player.

Source: Wikipedia