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Sole Proprietor Health Insurance: Navigating Coverage Options

Sole Proprietor Health Insurance

Navigating sole proprietor health insurance options? This article will help you explore coverage solutions tailored to your business needs and ensure your wellness. You run your own business as a sole proprietor. Which is great, but it also means you have to figure out how to get health care. The right health insurance not only […]

How to Get Small Business Health Insurance With Only One Employee

Small business health insurance for 1 employee

There’s a common misconception that only big companies can afford quality health benefits. But here’s the truth: Whether you have one employee or a small team, there’s a wide array of health insurance options tailored to fit every budget and need. This guide will shed light on the variety of small business health insurance options […]

NY Individual Health Insurance Plans

ny individual health insurance plans

Now that open enrollment is here, many New Yorkers will be looking for their individual health insurance plans and options. Each year during this time many questions come up about what type of plan to buy and where to buy it. Some people will be simply renewing their existing plans, while others will be shopping […]

Health Insurance For Self Employed

health insurance for self employed

Obamacare has changed the rules for health insurance for self employed people. Prior to implementation of Obamacare or The Affordable Care Act (ACA), self employed individuals could qualify for a group health plan by simply making some creative changes to their business such as: Adding a spouse to payroll or making your spouse an official […]

How to Buy Individual Health Insurance in NY

how to buy individual health insurance

Did you know the number of people who own a individual health insurance plan has grown to 18.2 million people in 2023? The highest amount of covered individuals since 2016. In a recent survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), Individual insurance is the latest and hottest trend in the insurance industry. It’s been also […]