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Best NY Short Term Disability Insurance Companies

Short term disability insurance is mandatory in New York, but not all insurance providers are created equal. Here is our list of the best NY short term disability insurance companies.  As independent insurance agents, we are not beholden to any insurance company. Our recommendations are based on more than 25 years of working with these […]

Best Group Disability Insurance Companies

best group disability insurance companies

Most employers understand that in order to attract and retain quality employees, they need to offer a comprehensive group benefits program. Nowadays, employees are looking for more than just health insurance benefits. Disability insurance is probably one of the most overlooked types of insurance coverage and yet, it is one of the most important. The […]

NY Employee Disability Benefits What You Need To Know

New York State requires employers to provide disability benefits for their eligible employees. Also known as The New York State Mandatory Disability Insurance Program, it requires employers who operate a business in New York and have at least one employee on payroll to provide short term disability coverage. The coverage can be purchased from an […]

5 Reasons Most People Refuse to Buy Disability Insurance

Most people believe that their home or retirement accounts are their most valuable assets, but the truth is, your ability to earn an income is far more valuable. A 35 year old earning $60,000 per year will earn over $1,800,000 over his or her lifetime. But many people fail to protect their income with a […]