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Best And Worst Group Dental Insurance Companies

Group Dental Insurance

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Best And Worst Group Dental Insurance Companies

If you’re a small business owner looking for group dental insurance for your employees, it would be worth your time to review this survey of the best and worst group dental insurance companies by J.D. Power

Dental Plan Satisfaction Study Ranking – 2023

Aetna took top place this year with a high score of 816 beating out last year’s top performer, Humana Dental which ranked 2nd in 2023 (809). United Concordia Dental takes 3rd place with a satisfaction ranking at 796 and Dental Quest comes in 4th with a rank of 794.

According to the J.D. Power, overall customer satisfaction with dental plans is up 18 points (on a 1,000-point scale) from a year ago, 2022. “Customers want to make sure they know their deductibles and coverage benefits—with full transparency on out-of-pocket costs. The efforts of health plans like Aetna and Humana to inform and educate insureds have not gone unnoticed and are reflected in their higher overall satisfaction scores.” – Christopher Lis, J.D.Power.

The 2023 U.S. Dental Plan Satisfaction Study measures customer satisfaction with dental plan providers based on five factors, in order of importance:

1. Cost
2. Plan coverage
3. Communication
4. Customer service
5. Claims and reimbursements

The study is based on responses from 1,411 dental plan members and was fielded in March-April 2023.

Group Dental Insurance

Metlife Dental tied with United Healthcare for 5th place with a satisfaction score of 775.  After that, Cigna and Guardian came in #7 with a a 770 satisfaction rating and Ameritas came in last with 740.

Group Dental Insurance Growing in Popularity

Group dental insurance is a very important benefit for small business owners to help retain and attract quality employees. In fact group dental Insurance is the 3rd most requested insurance benefit after group health insurance and a company retirement plan.

It is estimated 50 percent of all companies now offer dental insurance – up from 42 percent a few years ago. People who work for large companies are most likely to have dental coverage. About 90 percent of employers with 500 or more employees offer dental benefits. Less than 50% of small companies with 3-199 employees offer group dental insurance. Studies show that lack of proper dental care can lead to everything from heart disease to diabetes and even cancer.

A healthy mouth is the first step toward a healthy body.Those folks who are lucky enough to have dental insurance through their employer, say it is one of the most important benefits provided by their company.

Another reason group dental insurance has become so popular is that dental insurance is easier to navigate than health insurance. There are only so many dental procedures a person can undergo in their lifetime unlike the numerous health procedures most people will face over the years. Dental plans are also very clear as to what they cover and how much reimbursement is included.

The most common types of dental care services used by employees in the past year include regular check-ups or cleaning (86%); X-rays (58%); fillings (32%); and crowns or bridges (18%).

Communication is also very important to employee satisfaction. Throughout all dental plan providers, 41 percent of members say they do not receive any regular plan information from their dental insurer.

Best and Worst Group Dental Insurance Company Summary 2023:

1. Aetna Dental – 816
2. Humana – 809
3. United Concordia – 796
4. Dental Quest – 794
5. Metlife  – 775
6. Unitedhealthcare – 775
7. Cigna – 770
8. Guardian – 770
9. Ameritas – 740

• The 2023 J.D. Power Dental Plan Satisfaction Report is based on responses from 1,411 dental plan members.