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ObamaCare is Increasing the Cost of Healthcare to Large Employers

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ObamaCare is Increasing the Cost of Healthcare to Large Employers

The unaffordable care actAccording to a recent survey conducted by the American Health Policy Institute, Obamacare is increasing the cost of healthcare to large employers and will cost them more – a lot more. Estimates range between $4,800 and $5,900 more per employee. These additional costs will add hundreds of millions of dollars to employer’s bottom lines and suck profits from their overhead.

The American Health Policy Institute carried out a private questionnaire of over ONE HUNDRED large companies, asking what expenses they expected to sustain from ObamaCare in the coming years. The study discovered: The cost of Obamacare to large US employers (10,000 or more workers) is determined to cost employers between 186 million to over 200 million over the next 10 years.

The survey focused in on the impact of ObamaCare, separate from the bigger trends taking place in health care. The questionnaire does not, for example, take a look at the aging of the workforce or the rate of health care inflation. Nor does the study think about feasible off-setting cost savings produced by ObamaCare.

Why ObamaCare is Increasing the Cost of Healthcare to Large Employers

According to the American Policy Institute’s survey, it’s the additional healthcare related fees and taxes that were buried in the 2000+ page Bill

Fees such as:.

Excise taxes on high-cost plans
Mandates to cover adult-children up to age 26 as dependents
Mandates to cover 100% of preventive care services
Shifting or expansion of Medicaid coverage for poor and underprivileged

However It’s Not Merely ObamaCare …

Health insurance care costs have been increasing year after year for large companies as well as small companies. It is estimated that over the past 25 years, healthcare costs have risen over 200%, forcing businesses to rethink the way they offer health insurance to their employees, if at all.

The survey was surprising in it’s own right showing that not only small businesses are feeling the impact of Obamacare, but large businesses are as well. Some predict Obamacare will change the landscape of traditional health insurance forever.

Every employer must take measures to protect their business from raging healthcare increases. You can learn more by downloading our free report: Obamacare Self-Defense Strategies