Healthplansny is in the News!

Small business owners are confused and intimidated by Obamacare and we are here to help. Our latest Free Report has been featured on PRLog.org The report reveals strategies that small business [...]


SHOP Exchange Health Care – What You Need to Know

SHOP (Small Business Health Exchange Program) The Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) is now open and ready to help small businesses have better options to buy their employee health care [...]


Obamacare Self-Defense Strategies For Small Businesses

Obamacare Self Defense Strategies For Small Businesses Obamacare has made providing health insurance confusing for many small businesses. Small business owners are struggling with rising health [...]


You CAN Keep Your Health Plan!

You Can Keep Your Health Plan If You Like It After all the anxiety that individuals and small businesses have been going through this past year trying to comply with health care reform it finally [...]

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Medical insurance a lot more Expensive under the affordable care act

Medical Insurance a Lot More Expensive Just how much are consumers actually paying for health insurance ever since The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed? According to a recent article by [...]