Survey Reveals The Perks Your Employees Want

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Careerbuilder releases surprising survey of the perks employees really want

Most employers want to keep their employees happy. Employers know that if an employee is satisfied with his or her job, they will be more productive. But what makes an employee happy? And how do you keep an employee from “jumping ship” thinking that the grass is greener on the other side?

The results of a recent survey by which polled more than 3900 full-time employees, Nationwide about what perks employees are looking for in the workplace, turned out to be somewhat surprising.

Of course more money or a higher salary (88 percent) was the top perk that employees are looking for but the additional perks that employees want are a little more unconventional. When asked to identify one perk that would make their workplace more satisfying, employees scored half-day Fridays the highest.  Followed by onsite gym access and casual dress.

Here are the top ten (10) workplace perks that scored highest when employees were asked to identify one perk that would make their workplace more satisfying:

1) Half-day Fridays – 40 percent
2) On-site fitness center – 20 percent
3) Ability to wear jeans – 18 percent
4) Daily catered lunches – 17 percent
5) Massages – 16 percent
6) Nap room – 12 percent
7) Rides to and from work – 12 percent
8) Snack cart that comes around the office – 8 percent
9) Private restroom – 7 percent
10) On-site daycare – 6 percent

Here are the perks that will entice your employees to stay with your company:

  • Higher salary – 70%
  • Better Benefits – 58%
  • Provide flexible schedules – 51 percent
  • Increase employee recognition (awards, cash prizes, company trips) – 50 percent
  • Ask employees what they want and put feedback into action – 48 percent
  • Increase training and learning opportunities – 35 percent
  • Hire additional workers to ease workloads – 22 percent
  • Provide academic reimbursement – 22 percent
  • Carve out specific career paths and promote more – 21 percent
  • Institute a more casual dress code – 14 percent

Source: Careerbuilder


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