The Love for ObamaCare Fizzles

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With all the scandals that are going on in Washington, many people are wondering if ObamaCare will be next on the list of items examined by Americans and Politicians.

The GOP has never been in favor of ObamaCare since the covert passing of the Bill more than 2 years ago and The GOP is proving to be right. Assertions from Democrats of lower health care costs and an improved health care system are proving to be far from reality.

An article recently published reveals that the nation’s largest organization of registered nurses, National Nurses United, lashed out this week at ObamaCare saying, nothing in the PPACA Bill is being done to curb rising medical costs.

In fact, the organization points out that in the last 2 years, hospital charges alone have increased a whopping 22%. A spokesperson for National Nurses United said, “Transparency is nice but it’s not enough. One of the biggest holes in PPACA — and there’s a lot — is how little it does to address the issue of cost and what nurses see on a daily basis — that high hospital and health costs are constantly hurting families.”

Another official who was interview concurred with the above statement and said plainly, “There is no other word for this than price gouging,”

Last month, The American Veterinary Medical Association announced that after 56 years of providing health insurance to their 17,500 members, they will no longer provide coverage effective January 01, 2014. The reason according to a VMA official is plainly, “ObamaCare compliance and costs.” Members will be required to seek individual coverage on the open market or at state health exchanges.

Another group that most people have heard nothing about or has rarely been mentioned in any news broadcast is the 250,000 plus health brokers across the Nation who are taking it on the chin from insurance companies with more than a 50% reduction in commissions, attributed to ObamaCare. The Insurance companies continue to drive a spike through the hearts of brokers, demanding that we do more and work for less pay.

In a recent survey conducted by The Kaiser Foundation, they found 42% of Americans are unsure of whether ObamaCare still remains a law. 19% incorrectly believe it has been repealed by Congress or overturned by the Supreme Court.

As we draw closer in the next few months to the official implementation of ObamaCare, there will be growing pressure put on associations, organizations and employers to eliminate health insurance coverage and force their employees and members to go find their own insurance plans. Unfortunately this will be a big wakeup call for many Americans

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