50 Percent of Employees Are Unhappy?

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Do benefits matter? You bet they do!

BenefitsPro, a leading online group benefits resource, published an article this week about Aflac’s Workforce Report of employee job satisfaction. According to the Report, 49 percent of employees that were surveyed said they were ready to leave their employer and look for work elsewhere.

The primary reason for leaving? A better benefits package.
That’s right folks, better benefits equal happier employees and happier employees result in less turnover and greater productivity. Saving you the employer more money.

The Aflac survey showed that employees are willing to get less pay or less compensation in return for a robust benefit package. Workers who are extremely or very satisfied with their benefits program are nine times more likely to stay with their employer than those workers who are dissatisfied with their benefits program.”

With unemployment soaring and a stagnant economy the last few years, it’s been an employer’s marketplace. Employers have been trying to cut costs and improve their bottom line and some of that “improvement” has come from reducing benefits or asking the employees to pay more.

So it looks like many employees are fed up are they are willing to risk job security for greener pastures. You can read the full article here.


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