Employers Must Provide Preventative Health Care to Women

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Group health care plans will have to provide full coverage with neither copayments nor deductibles for a wide range of women’s preventive services under Health Care Reform rules issued Monday. The new rules beginning in 2012 state that women must receive free preventative health care services, including well visits, birth control counseling (including contraceptives) domestic violence counseling, breast feeding support and screening for sexually transmitted diseases all at no cost.

I love women and I think they are one of God’s greatest creations, but this new mandate required by the health care reform act is not going to help small business owners at all. Currently, the burden of covering these costs will be on the backs of the insurance companies but we all know that these costs will eventually trickle down to business owners by increasing their health care premiums.

Health Care Reform was “sold” to the American public as a means to make health care more affordable for everyone. With mandates such as this one, there is no way the dream of affordable health care will ever come true. Sorry Ladies.

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