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Mini Med Plans Survive Health Care Reform

After The Health Care Reform Bill was deviously passed by our politicians last year, it looked like Mini Med Plans were finished. Somewhere in the 2000+ page Reform document it said that Mini Med Plans or Limited Medical Plans were not fair to Americans due to the limited benefits that these plans provide. Somehow and […]

Wellness Programs In The Workplace

Wellness Education is the new “buzz” word in Corporate America today. Fortune 500 companies have embraced wellness programs in the workplace and the programs are starting to pay off. The benefits to the employer are obvious. A healthier employee is a happier employee. They are more productive and have less days off or sick leave […]

May is Disability Awareness Month

1. True or False: People who work don’t need disability insurance because they’re covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Answer: False. Workers’ compensation insurance only covers injuries or illnesses acquired on the job, while the majority of accidents and illnesses are not work-related.1 2. True or False: People who work can rely totally on their accrued […]