Mini-Med Plans Come to New York!

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Chartis Flex Shield Mini-Med plans are now being offered through our firm to New York State employers!

Three years ago we announced that we were one of the select few Group Benefits Firms to offer Mini-Med plans to New Jersey and Connecticut and now, “hot off the press,” Mini-Med plans have finally made it to New York. Mini-Med plans offer a unique advantage to employers with part-time employees that do not qualify for the company health care program or can’t afford to pay the high premiums of a comprehensive health insurance plan.

Limited Medical Plans are designed to meet the day-to-day medical expenses for items such as wellness visits and prenatal check-ups. They are not meant to be substituted for major medical plans. Instead, they are aimed at employees who may not have been covered by health insurance.

Top features and benefits of mini-meds include:

• Better rate predictability
• Plans with no copays, no required networks and no preexisting condition limitations
• Ease of usage and administration
• Affordable way to bring previously uninsured workers into the health-care system
• Boost to worker retention and recruiting
• Flexible employer-contribution

Rates start at:
Single $ 67
Employee/Spouse $131
Employee/Children $144
Employee/Family $202
This offering is exclusive through First National Administrators and

For more details, call our office at: 1-914-633-1717

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