Aetna Plan Changes Coming

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Health insurance is becoming more complicated than ever. Employers who offer group health insurance to their employees are finding it very difficult to know which way to turn. Will the Government step in and enforce a public option? What will become of the health plans that companies currently offer their employees? It seems that many employers are frozen or just staying put until this whole mess is figured out.

To make matters more confusing in the world of health insurance, Aetna has announced that beginning in January, 2010 they will be withdrawing just about all of their current health plan options. So if you are a customer with Aetna you will be forced to make a plan change by December 2009. But to which health plan will you be changing to? Good question, nobody knows. Aetna has not announced their new health plans as of yet, but they have raised their rates this quarter by 34% across the board. I guess Aetna is giving their current clients an “incentive” to get out now.

In a letter from Aetna to their current customers they say that plan changes are coming; “In an effort to our continued commitment to providing access to high-quality, affordable coverage we will be offering new plans that generally reduce benefits and make families pay a larger financial share of their cost of care and services they receive.”

Stay tuned…

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