Tips for Reducing Health Care Costs

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There is no doubt that health care is becoming more and more expensive to manage.

If you are feeling the same pressure, but are trying to avoid burdening your employees too much with excessive health care costs, or are worried about the backlash of employees quitting; here are a few suggestions to help reduce your health care coverage costs this year:

* Implement and reinforce wellness programs at your business, from smoking cessation to lunch hour exercise programs and healthy food in the cafeteria.

* Promote the use of generic prescription programs by changing the co-pay for generic versus name brand drugs.

* Re-evaluate enrollment information at the beginning of every quarter. You may find employees enrolled in programs they don’t use or still enrolling children that are no longer eligible or a spouse they have divorced, etc.

There are a variety of small, but effective ways, to change your overall health care costs each year. Looking for creative ways to cut the spending can keep you with happy employees while keeping the excessive health care bills down.

For other tips on ways to reduce your health care coverage costs, feel free to contact our office!

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