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New York Business Owners “Blind Sided” By Gov. Patterson

You may have read or heard in the news about additional “fees and assessments” that have been incorporated into the New York State budget, but what you may not realize is the direct impact those fees and assessments have on health insurance premiums. Health care premiums will increase as a direct result of the State […]

Aetna Releases Results of 5 year Health Study of Consumer Driven Health Plans

A study of 2.6 million Aetna members (410,000 in an Aetna HealthFund® plan) shows that Aetna HealthFund offers sustained savings for employers over a five-year period, with members getting the care they need. The results also showed that Aetna HealthFund members are seeking increased levels of preventive care, using generic drugs more often and accessing […]

What Your Broker Isn’t Telling You About Saving Money on Group Health Insurance

More and more business owners are frustrated with the ever increasing cost of group health insurance. This year alone, many insurance carriers are raising premiums close to 18% and over the last 10 years, insurance premiums have increased over 96%! Small business owners need an affordable and comprehensive health plan to attract and retain quality […]