Our Government Doesn’t Get it.

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As President Obama signed the Stimulus package into law yesterday, the voices of Wall Street could be heard loud and clear in a 300 point decline in the stock market. Instead of the Stimulus bill instilling confidence, it seems it is just giving us more reasons to doubt that the Government is not getting this right. Here’s a thought for our Government leaders and I haven’t heard a word about this coming from Washington.

There are about 17,000 large corporations in the United States. If everyone of those corporations decided to hire 10 new people this month, they would create 170,000 new jobs. On the other hand, the are over 46,000,000 small businesses in the U.S. If only 10% of our small business owners hired just one new employee this month, they would create 4,600,000 new jobs. Unemployment problem solved.

I did not hear or see anything about stimulating the small business owner in the Stimulus Bill. All I hear about is bailing out the large corporations. Our Government fails to notice that it is the small business owners of America that drive this economy, not the large corporations. The small business owner has been pushed to the side and forgotten. Washington just doesn’t get it.

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