EmblemHealth Offers 2 New Plans

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Now that the merger between HIP and GHI is complete, EmblemHealth has become the #1 health provider in the tri-state region. EmblemHeatlh now serves over 4 million customers and has a network of physicians and specialists of over 92,000 in 150,000 locations.

With the consolidation of these 2 companies and their increased “buying power,” EmblemHealth has been able to negogiate higher quality health care services with lower pricing. They have just introduced 2 new “in-network” (EPO) plans starting at $350.00 per single member and under $1,000.00 per family. These new health plans are also what they call, “family friendly,” offering $0 co-pays for child(ren) visits and $0 co-pays for generic prescriptions.

If your group health insurance renewal is coming up soon you can expect about an 18% increase in your rates this year. You might want to consider looking into EmblemHealth’s new health care programs to keep your rates more reasonable. Give us a call today for more information.

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