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Aetna Introduces Secure Online Enrollment

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Please contact us directly at (914) 633-1717 to inquire.

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Aetna Introduces Secure Online Enrollment

Here comes the future! Hold on to your seats! The health insurance companies are finally entering the 21st Century. Well at least Aetna is embracing the future of technology, but maybe the other’s are soon to follow.

Now when you sign up with Aetna for small group health insurance in New York and several other states, you can trash the 30+ pages of applications and miscellaneous, annoying paperwork that comes with signing up for health care. Aetna has introduced, “Aetna Enroll” a secure online benefits management tool.

According to their announcement yesterday, you can now go online and sign up new employees, delete terminated employees and run several in-depth benefit reports regarding your health care program. Aetna says, “your clients no longer need to submit and mail paper applications to us but we advise that they keep the applications for their records anyway.” Huh?

If you would like more information about Aetna’s online enrollment tool, feel free to contact us.