Comprehensive Health Coverage for $160 Per Month?

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Billy Mays has been hawking everything from magic cleaners to incredible gadgets for years. Now he’s putting his face on “affordable health insurance.” Even his gadgets and cleaners seem too good to be true and now his health insurance program also seems “way out there.”

Billy claims you can get affordable health insurance starting at $160 per month for a single and $270 per family. No pre-existing conditions, full medical and hospital coverage and no one will be denied. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that his claims are not true but being in this business for 15 years now, I’ve yet to see any type of reasonable health insurance coverage for the pricing he is talking about.

I’ve tried a few of the “amazing” products that Billy is so excited about. Hey, how could you not order from him? His commercials are slick, well produced and he basically covers every objection you might have before you run to the phone and place your order. This is cool salesmanship at its best; “present a problem, agitate, cover all objections and go for the kill.”

The products I’ve bought from Billy have been okay but let’s just say that I’ve been less than satisfied. They always seem to work better on TV. I’m curious to hear if any one has tried Billy’s health insurance program and how it’s working out for you. Just press the “comments” link and let me know.

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