The #1 Reason Your Group Health Insurance Rates Are So High

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In our free report “The 5 Deadly Sins of Health Insurance and How to Avoid Them,” we talk about the major pitfalls of having a friend or family servicing your group health insurance plan. The brief explanation for this (you can read the full version in our free report) is in most cases, your friend Joe or your sister-in-law Jody are not looking out for you, even though you might think they are. They’re making commissions from your account and the more you pay, the more they make. It’s as simple as that.

Look at it this way, your family member knows that even if she is not doing her job for you, (saving you money) she’s not going to get fired. She’s family! Firing a family member does not make good conversation at Thanksgiving time, does it? And your good buddy from college, chances are he’s not going to get fired either. You probably play golf with this guy or go to football games with him. You will never keep your ship from sinking with these 2 bailing water for you.

If you really want to reduce the high cost of group health insurance, you need to hire a health insurance specialist. Someone who is an expert at his or her job and knows that having your account depends on how well they perform. Your friend or family member can’t do this for you. The health insurance business just doesn’t work that way.

If you would like to read the full version of our free report, “The 5 Deadly Sins of Health Insurance” just send an email to and in the subject line write Free Report.

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