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Coming Soon… Instant, Real-Time Life Insurance Quotes

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Coming Soon… Instant, Real-Time Life Insurance Quotes

Most people do not have enough life insurance. In fact, the average amount of life insurance owned by Americans is about $186,000.00. When you think about it, that’s not much coverage at all.

Term life insurance is very inexpensive nowadays and starting in 2009 it could get even cheaper. The reason; all insurance companies must comply with the 2001 mortality and morbidity tables. People are living longer and healthier lives and the new “tables” reflect this lifestyle change for Americans. Thus, the term wars will begin all over again. Many insurance companies will be scrambling to get new customers with lower than ever term life insurance rates.

Since we get many requests for term life insurance and in anticipation of the new rates, we will begin to offer real-time, instant term life quotes. One very simple form that takes about 30 seconds to fill out and voila! instant term life insurance quotes. If you like the life insurance rates that you see, you can even apply online. No annoying insurance agents to bother you and better yet, term life insurance you can afford.

Stay tuned to this blog. As soon as our new term life quoting engine is up and running, we’ll post the news here.