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According to a resent study by The Kaiser Family Foundation on health care costs, they have concluded that the average National increase for health insurance in 2009 will be about 7%. In our own unscientific study of over our 1200 clients in the Northeast, we have concluded that health insurance costs will increase double the National average to about 14% next year.
Whoa! That’s the 5th year in a row of double digit increases for health insurance in the New York Tri-State Area. That’s pretty scary news for the small business owner. If you’re sick and tired of the endless increases in your health insurance plan, it could be time to sign up for our “Benefits Coaching Program.” It’s a unique program designed to provide you with a “forensic” study of your health care benefits to show you where you can save money and cut your costs. Call us today at: 914-633-1717 to sign up for this valuable free service.

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