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J.D. Power and Associates just released a mammoth study ranking America’s health plans. Over 40,000 people were surveyed Nationwide. The bottom line of the survey: 55% of health plan participants did not understand their coverage. That’s a whopping number! It looks like insurers and employers are not doing a very good job communicating.

Yes I did say employers too seem to be doing very poorly with communication. Let’s face it; you’re role as an employer that offers benefits to your employees is to make sure that your employees understand the benefits that they have. The insurance companies can’t be held totally responsible.

This is where having a good broker can be priceless. A good broker will hold enrollment meetings at least once a year to provide insight and education to your employees on what they can and cannot do within their health plan. This is crucial to having happy employees and reducing unnecessary claims which ultimately results in saving your company time and money. If your broker is not doing this for you, it could be time to find a new broker.

According to the J.D. Power and Associates survey, here are the best health carriers in our region:

New York/ New Jersey – United Health Care
New England – Anthem Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Connecticut
Pennsylvania/Delaware – Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield

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