GHI Announces Rate Decrease For 3rd Quarter!

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With all the bad news about the high cost of health care that we’ve been hearing about lately, some good news has recently been announced by GHI (Group Health Incorporated). GHI has held price increases “in check” for 2008 and has announced for the 3rd quarter of 2008 they will actually be DECREASING their rates for many of their plans by 2%! I know it doesn’t sound like much of a break with the continuous price increases that we have become a custom to, but a price decrease is refreshing news.

Oxford has also kept their pricing flat with no increases so far this year and in the beginning of 2008 Blue Cross/Blue Shield rolled out 2 “rocking” health care plans (Prism 1 & 2) for businesses that were very reasonably priced but extremely “rich” in benefits. Maybe we are seeing a new trend in the health care industry where prices do not only go up, they also come down? We’ll keep you posted.

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